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Our Professional Services

Irrespective of your custom apparel requirements, be it a low quantity or large quantity order with a fast turnaround time, we’ve got you covered. Our team of agents will assist you in finding the appropriate service that best fits your needs.

Vinyl Printing

Specialty vinyl polymer, known as heat transfer vinyl, can be utilized on specific fabrics and materials to produce promotional products and designs. With an adhesive backing, it is available in roll or sheet form and can be easily cut, weeded, and applied to a substrate using heat.



Silkscreen, also known as screen printing, is a technique for printing graphics onto a t-shirt using thick inks that rest on the surface of the fabric rather than penetrating it.

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Heat Transfer

Heat-transfer printing involves transferring an image from wax onto an object using heat. This printing method works with pre-printed images on a single sheet and can either replace or complement other printing techniques.



  • Our mugs are printed in sublimation.

The printing process used for our mugs is sublimation, also known as dye-sublimation. This process is straightforward but highly effective, as it allows for a professional and permanent application of an image into the surface of ceramics (and various other items), resulting in high-quality, marketable products.Call us »

Stickers & Banners

Our advanced print and cut machine is used to print banners and stickers. This machine utilizes direct inkjet printing, which eliminates the need for paper and allows printing directly onto specially coated fabrics with an unlimited number of colors.

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In simple terms, embroidery refers to the process of embellishing fabric with decorative designs using a needle. These designs are typically created using different types of stitches and are made with thread.

  • We offer embroidery upon request. Contact for info on embroidery.